Pipeline Builder with Content Syndication

Build Your Lead Gen Pipeline

Introducing a comprehensive marketing package to support B2B IT marketing professionals with a steady flow of top-of-funnel leads.

Imagine your high-value content not just reaching but engaging your ideal customer profile (ICP). Our Pipeline Builder with Content Syndication program does just that—by amplifying your content's reach, ensuring it lands in front of the right people, and transforming it into a powerful lead generation magnet.

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How does Pipeline Builder with Content Syndication work?

In the dynamic realm of B2B marketing, capturing the attention of IT decision-makers necessitates a strategy that earns trust via multiple touch points. Pipeline Builder does just that via:



1. High Quality Content

It all starts with your content. Select a topic or sales play that you would like to promote and provide us with related content such as a blog, infographic, white paper, solution brief or ebook.


2. Precision Targeting

Through sophisticated targeting and segmentation, we propel your content across a curated network of top B2B sites, ensuring your insights and solutions are prominently displayed to your ideal customer profile (such as senior managers and directors of IT).


3. Top of Funnel Leads

As your content attracts attention, we gather qualified lead information, ensuring you receive prospects that align with your ICP. Pipeline Builder thereby delivers qualified top of funnel leads that have opted in to receive emails from you.


4. Lead Progression

Leads are then added to a series of emails deliberately designed to build and nurture relationships over time. This strategic amplification broadens your visibility and places your brand on the radar of key industry players.


The benefits of Pipeline Builder with Content Syndication

In a marketplace where content reigns supreme, let Pipeline Builder empower yours. Adopt a strategy that not only showcases your content but turns it into a beacon for high-quality leads.


Get ROI on Your Existing Content

Get more out of content that you have already created and let your content do more than just inform; let it inspire action and drive value.

Boost Your Brand Authority

Elevate your brand to a position of industry thought leadership. Pipeline Builder not only disseminates your content but also helps to create your status as a credible and authoritative source in your field. This enhanced reputation fosters trust among potential clients, laying the groundwork for impactful connections.

Efficiently Scale Your Lead Generation

Streamline your lead generation process. Once you have onboarded, you can let Pipeline Builder work it's magic by providing a regular stream of leads to you, month after month with very little effort on your part.

Need Content for Lead Generation?

Newcomp white paper open-min
You're in luck - we can help there too.

Everybody has something they can share with the world - what does your company bring to the table? We will help you to recognize and summarize your unique insights and engage your audience with professional writing and design.

  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Blogs
  • Solution Briefs
  • Infographics

Package Details & Cost

The base price of Pipeline Builder with Content Syndication is $1850 USD / $2500 CAD per month, with a minimum commitment of 6 months, and includes the following:
  • 10 leads per month (# of leads can be scaled up as needed)
  • 4 progression emails per month
  • CRM integration
  • Lead Progression Playbook
  • Monthly review call with Marketing Strategist

Try out our calculator to include any add-ons and determine the price to run your Pipeline Builder program.





Generate leads with confidence.

Learn how Data Integrity (one of Canada's top technology solutions providers) promoted their IBM Offerings with our Brand Awareness & Lead Generation Strategy

The Challenge: The marketing team was looking to expand their lead generation activities, their breadth and depth of content, and target prospects who were interested in learning more about IBM Sterling® Supply Chain offerings and IBM enabled solutions.

Our Solution: Data Integrity leveraged GamePlan’s content marketing and lead generation services to accumulate over 373,149 social media impressions and 63 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) for IBM Sterling® Supply Chain offerings.

Read the full case study.




GamePlan are experienced and well equipped in producing our digital content... We had great success with content syndication and have been generating leads to follow up on.


Nick Filicetti





Frequently Asked Questions


How do you target the types of leads I want to generate?

We will ask you to indicate the types of job departments (e.g. IT, HR, Executive) and the specific roles within those departments (e.g. IT Systems Management, Talent Management, COO) you want to target. These parameters plus your ICP requirements will be used for targeting.

Can I target a list of accounts?

Yes, you can target accounts. If you have an Account Based Marketing list then we can use it in the campaign at no extra cost to you. The list would have to be big enough for us to get enough leads from though (for example, a list of 250 medium sized companies).

If you would like us to do any additional work to your list (such as scrubbing, cleaning, and validating contacts), or if you would like us to develop an ABM list for you, then we could do that at an additional cost.

Can I exclude a list of accounts?

Yes, you can choose to exclude certain accounts or companies that you do not want to generate leads from. Just provide us with a list of up to 100 companies you want to exclude.

Can you target leads by State or Province?

You can target specific States in the United States, however at this time you cannot target by Province in Canada.

But you can target by company with an ABM list. For example, if your list is only BC-based companies (with no locations in any other Provinces), you will receive only contacts from those BC companies.

Are we able to reject leads that do not fit the job filters we define?

On rare occasions, a lead may come in that doesn't fit the filters you've defined. If this happens, the lead will be replaced with one that does match your criteria. 

How fast do the leads come in?

This varies from campaign to campaign and depends on a number of factors: How many monthly leads you want to generate. The size of your ABM list: the larger the list, the faster leads are generated. And the roles you're targeting within a company (IT project managers vs. CEOs). 

How does content syndication work?

We work with a large network of over 15,000 publisher websites using 10 different channels, such as expert blogs, email newsletters, social media, search engines, mobile apps, and more. Your content is syndicated across a collection of these sites based on your very specific targeting criteria.

Imagine your assets being made into an advertisement and placed on a cutting room table, with other ads. A publication that has the correct audience will pick up the ad and bring it to (virtual) print. Content syndication is just like a virtual newsroom. This saves time and effort as we do not need to seek out a publication with the right audience, they will pick your ad based on your targeting, knowing their audience is the right fit.

Can I get leads directly in my CRM or Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)?

Yes, we can integrate lead delivery directly into your CRM or MAP. We can integrate lead fulfillment with platforms like HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, and Salesforce.

Will these leads be ready for my sales team to call?

The leads are "top-of-funnel." So while they showed interest in downloading your superb content (Yay!), this doesn't necessarily mean they are "sales-ready."  With that in mind, we will help you "progress" your leads with our Lead Progression Playbook, from wherever they are in their journey to a place where they are ready to talk.

Start Capturing High-Quality Leads

If you're ready to elevate your content and turn it into your most valuable lead generation asset, let's talk about how Pipeline Builder with Content Syndication can set the stage for your business's success.

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