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IT Marketing Strategy

Our IT marketing consultants have deep experience working in the tech industry, allowing us to effectively navigate the intricacies of your company. We work to truly understand your unique business challenges, and then we build and execute a marketing action plan that makes sense for you. Learn more. 

Marketing as a Service

This package provides you with ongoing marketing support in a retainer-based format of a set number of hours per month. Use this valuable time in a variety of ways such as marketing strategy, campaign and creative development, and project management of social media and email marketing. 

Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a popular approach for technology companies interested in maximizing performance. Successful ABM campaigns always start with the list development: an install base list, whitespace list, or list of existing customers.

Persona Development

Align your sales and marketing teams with a defined target audience and set of Personas. We will interview your stakeholders and employees to determine pivotal characteristics, pain points, and responsibilities for each of your Personas. Then, we write and design a Personas Document to share with your team. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by using this Personas Document as a frame of reference for all marketing initiatives.

Database Services

Provide us with your target account list, whitespace list, blacklist, and any other specifics you need to adhere to, and we will build you a list of contacts. Need those contacts further online or phone validated? Our online data-mining and calling experts will cleanse the list of unqualified and old records.

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Attract IT professionals online

This comprehensive service is for businesses who are interested in moving beyond one-off tactics and are invested in growing the business with a goal-based, focused marketing strategy. This minimum 12 month engagement combines the power of marketing software, analytics, and campaign-based marketing. Learn more.

Through an effective inbound marketing program and high-quality, strategic content we'll help you showcase your services and position your company as an industry leader.
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Create engaging content

Valuable and compelling content that assists prospects in their decision making process is critical to helping progress the complex technology sale. We produce attention-grabbing content & offers, then we help you promote and distribute it online. Learn more.

Interactive Content
Grab attention with compelling and engaging interactive content. Quizzes, contests and video are our specialty - create a dynamic experience for your audience while reinforcing your brand. Have your own creative ideas? Throw 'em at us and we'll get it done.

Video marketing has become an increasingly important marketing tactic due to its captivating, engaging and easy-to-consume format. Post the videos on your website, your social media pages, YouTube channel, and share links with customers via email.

Written Content

Whether you need assistance writing your next case study, ebook, infographic, or website copy - we are here to help.

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Communicate with prospects and customers

Email Marketing

Build and strengthen your relationships with email marketing. An effective email marketing program works to educate and nurture your potential and existing customers. Learn more.

Email and Newsletters

Keep in touch with your prospects and customers by sending a consistent email or newsletter on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Add automated communications in to the mix as an additional touchpoint. 

List Management

Tracking and maintaining your list database is hard work! Just send everything through to us and we will manage it: Adding and removing contacts, updating stale data, online and phone validating, tracking CASL, CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliant opt-in records, etc.




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Spread the news

Social Media Management

Social media plays a crucial role for IT companies in building brand awareness, establishing thought leadership, nurturing leads and fostering customer relationships in the long run.

Grow your online presence, increase your social media followers, and drive traffic to your website. We manage your social media platforms (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram), so you don't have to. Learn more.




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Advertise your offerings

Digital Advertising

Running ads takes more than just an ad budget. You need to determine your target list of accounts or contacts, cross-reference your whitespace list, source the best ad platform and provider, design creative, set up A/B tests, and track everything! Yes, it can be overwhelming - but don't get overwhelmed, because we will handle it for you. Learn more.

Media Planning

We will help you build out your media plan, manage/execute and report on everything. Working with us means working with the best media providers in the IT industry such as IT World and TechTarget, to get your message across to the right people, at the right time. 

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with nearly 660 million users. Target your ads to North American IT Pros, IT Decision Makers, Directors of IT and more, via LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, InMail, and Text Ads

Google Ads

Increase your website visits and raise brand awareness via Google Advertising and Retargeting. Showcase your ads to IT Decision Makers in North America with Dynamic Google Search and Display Ads. 

Content Syndication

Promote your content across thousands of syndicated sites online, to reach your target audience and capture marketing qualified leads with email opt-in consent. 

Appointment Setting

Meet your annual growth goals by booking phone appointments with qualified decision makers. Appointment setting can be just one aspect of a larger marketing campaign, or can be run independently as its own initiative.

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Stand out from the crowd

Direct Mail

Sending physical, tangible mail is a great way to stand out from the crowd in this digital day and age. Whether you're sending simple postcards, or high-end Executive Door Openers, direct mail can be shockingly impactful. Learn more. 

Executive Door Openers (EDOs)

Do you have business relationships that you just cannot seem to close deals with? Send those contacts a small teaser gift in the mail to grab their attention. Offer them a bigger "thank you gift" in exchange for meeting up with you in-person. Executive Door Openers are a great way to get your foot in the door!

Bulky Mailers

Send your prospects, leads and customers a small token gift in the mail (eg. laptop camera cover, microfiber cleaning cloth, earbuds), paired with your unique business solution or offer. 


Sending postcards sounds old school, but it can be very effective, especially when paired with telemarketing follow up calls. Reach a large list of target contacts via postcards - a very affordable Direct Mail option. 

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Be prepared for your next event

Event Support

Develop your professional email invitations and registration pages, keep on top of registration tracking, and feel confident that everything is organized and planned out for your next event. Learn more. 

Registration Management

We have years of experience with registration management, and are here to design and develop your branded email invitation, registration page, add to calendar links, and automated registration emails. 



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