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Turn to the experts to get your email marketing program off the ground. We remove the complexities and get you up and running quickly. 

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Email and Newsletters


Email Marketing with HubSpot or MailChimp

  • Account setup including list imports and email opt-in compliance tracking.
  • Email template design
  • Scheduling management 


  • Creative development of templates and banner art
  • Newsletter content consultation
  • Copy review and editing
  • Testing and scheduling
  • Reporting on email metrics and engagement rates

Marketing Automation including Sequences and Workflows

  • Set up triggers to automate your sales and marketing emails
  • Automate your follow up emails
  • Send automated internal task reminders

List Management

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Track Subscriptions

Keep track of where contacts came from and whether they have opted in to receive your messages (CASL, CAN-SPAM or GDPR compliance).

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Clean Your Data

Erase redundant data, deduplicate your lists, only keep up-to-date and relevant information.

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Segment your Lists

Categorize and target contacts based on variables such as their product/service needs, company size, personas, etc.

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Set up Standards & Processes

Collect standardized data for each contact, and ensure the formatting of data is consistent.

5 Simple Steps

Getting Started with Email Marketing

    1. Set SMART goals & know your target audience

    2. Build, verify, and segment your subscriber list

    3. Design a branded email template

    4. Plan your content and a calendared schedule

    5. Send emails and track your performance data

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