Inbound Marketing

How we do inbound marketing.

At GamePlan, we understand every technology business is unique. So our approach is to understand what makes you different. Understand your goals. And determine how we can help you get there with the right strategy and tactics.

Our Inbound Marketing process starts with building the foundational roadmap:

Website Audit-1


Website audit
Competitive Analysis-1


Competitive analysis
SEO Audit-1


SEO audit and strategy
Buyer Persona-1


Developing customer profile & buyer personas
Customer Journey-1


Understanding your client journeys

We then apply what we learned about your business and clients to build the engine using the HubSpot platform. The fuel to drive this engine are the tactics that propel your business down the road—and keep it moving with increasing momentum.


The Inbound Methodology

Inbound tactics are divided into 3 stages:

Inbound Methodology


Generate Traffic

• Blogging
• SEO optimization
• Social media
• Paid ads


Lead Generation using calls-to-action, landing pages and forms to promote:

• White papers
• Webinars
• Newsletters
• eBooks


Post-Sale Satisfaction

• Email marketing
• How-to tutorials
• User guides
• User-focused events

CRM/Sales Implementation & Strategy

The transmission for your inbound engine is the HubSpot CRM. This is where your team will spend the majority of their time. And because it’s such a big part of your operations, you’ll want a platform everyone adopts, uses, and has success with.

Our process for ensuring this happens includes:

• Discovery
• Strategy & goal setting
• Implementation
• Ongoing support

CRM image

Example implementation deliverables:

• Migrating data from your existing CRM (contacts, companies, deals)
• Pipeline and deal stage setup
• Sales dashboard configuration
• Sales and marketing email template creation

Flexible, Results-Driven Plans

Our plans are designed to help you hit your goals within your budget.

We will help your company educate prospects and move the right ones through the buyer’s journey with the right content offers at the right time.

Through an effective inbound marketing program and high-quality, strategic content we'll help you showcase your services and position your company as an industry leader.

*All plans are customized for each client and have a 12 month commitment.

Our value points-system enables us to adjust and adapt your strategy to deliver the most value from your inbound investment. Each month we will collaborate with your team to determine the most effective use of your value points.
 Tier 1  $5400 per month (30 points)
 Tier 2  $9000 per month (50 points)
 Tier 3  $13,600 per month (80 points)

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What sets GamePlan apart from other agencies I have worked with, is the fact that they have much more technical knowledge in our industry, due to their experience working with a number of software and services companies.



Alexandra Lasinski