Marketing Staff Augmentation

Sourcing and hiring experienced employees requires a lot of time and effort, however most technology marketing departments do not have the resources.

Using a service provider to help you manage the process of adding experienced marketing professionals to your team, will remove the recruiting and administration burden from your to-do list, allowing you to focus on meeting your marketing objectives.


Skills required for the most in-demand marketing roles are evolving at a fast pace. Solve your talent shortage challenges with GamePlan. We provide short term contract talent (i.e., for a specific project) and longer-term contract talent for ongoing roles. You will receive the direct benefit of having contract talent embedded into your organization, working directly as part of your team, while not impacting your headcount. And you have the option of leveraging agency services when required – either through GamePlan or elsewhere.


Key Benefits:

Hiring-2Workers are essentially part of your team, without the administrative and HR complexities


Control Management-1Allows you to keep control over the management and design of projects vs. outsourcing to a third party


No Permanent Headcount-1Gives you the ability to support your business with specialized marketing talent, without investing in permanent headcount


Control Costs-1


Decreases hiring and operational expenses

How GamePlan Helps:

• Talent acquisition
• Screening and interviews
• Onboarding
• HR management (employee contract, health  benefits, PTO)
• Marketing knowledge transfer


Staff Augmentation provides marketing talent on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of your organization. Our services remove the administrative burden of recruiting and managing employees.

Key Contact

Jeff Seymour

President, GamePlan Marketing Inc. 

Jeff has 25 years of leadership, business management, and finance experience and is President of GamePlan Marketing, Inc, a role he has held for over ten years. Jeff’s natural relationship-building ability and his aptitude for recognizing the unique strengths of candidates ensure our clients get access to marketing talent that fits their goals and culture.      Book a Meeting with Jeff  

Add Experienced Professionals to Your Team

With over 20 years of marketing experience working in the high-tech industry, GamePlan will help take the burden out of finding and hiring your next marketing expert. We work closely with you throughout the entire talent acquisition process.

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