Event Support

Promote your next event with an outstanding and seamless registration experience. We manage the full registration process, including invitation design, registration page development, automated email deployment, and real-time reporting. 

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Registration Management

Get your next online or in-person event off the ground with a seamless registration experience. 

Registration management includes:

  • An attractive email invitation for your sales reps to send
  • A registration page where contacts can RSVP to your event 
  • An automated email that thanks contacts for registering, and provides them with a way to save the date in their calendar
  • Real-time reporting with all registered contact details

Spin to Win at your next event!

We recently launched a new interactive spinner game that you can incorporate at your next event. 

The spinner game includes:

  • Customized branding
  • Customized prizes suited to fit your budget 
  • Specified inventory counts for each prize
  • Customized form to claim prizes

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Spin to Win

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