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Social Selling on LinkedIn

Lead the dialogue in a connected world.

This course is designed to supply you with essential skills and strategies vital to prospecting on LinkedIn. Led by technology industry veterans, the curriculum brings real-world experience and first-hand knowledge on what it takes to succeed in building authenticity on the LinkedIn platform.

No prerequisites required  |  7 week duration (seven 45-minute sessions)

Online Learning Course

Course Overview

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful social media platform for business with more than 1 billion registered user accounts worldwide. Modern business decision-makers continue to change how they embark upon their buyer’s journey. They have grown cold to traditional sales and marketing methods and are increasingly conducting more research independently, relying only on their most trusted advisors for assistance and information.

For Sales, Marketing, and Business Development professionals, frustrated by low connection rates and abysmal returns on the time and effort invested in traditional prospecting, this 7-week Social Selling on LinkedIn course presents an opportunity to connect and engage with a targeted global audience, establish a professional brand, and generate authentic connections with your potential customers.

Stepping into thought leadership means distinguishing yourself. But first, you need the skills to craft compelling narratives, present distinct perspectives, and offer solutions that resonate with your audience. Authenticity and transparency are key—thought leaders build trust by showcasing genuine passion, sincerity, and a commitment to delivering real value with their solutions.


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Social Selling & Course Overview
Module 2: First Pillar - Creating the Perfect Profile
Module 3: Second Pillar - Growing Your Network
Module 4: Third Pillar - Messaging
Module 5: Fourth Pillar - Content
Module 6: Fifth Pillar - Personal Branding
Module 7: Course Wrap-Up & Continued Learning



Weekly sessions are led by technology industry veteran Danny Deganis. Having occupied a variety of progressive Sales and Management roles, across all tiers of the technology channel marketplace, Danny combines more than 25 years of real-world Sales and more than 5 years of Social Selling experience and delivers the course content in a lively and relatable manner.



Course Fee: Base price for one participant is $5600. Interested in training your whole team? Each additional participant is $500. Download brochure.

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Digital Course

Course Benefits

1. Relationship Building: Forge authentic connections and nurture trust and loyalty with personalized and authentic interactions.

2. Thought Leadership: Establish authority in your industry by sharing valuable insights and expertise.

3. Higher Conversions: Increase conversion rates by creating and utilizing trust and strong relationships with prospects.


I recently completed the LinkedIn social selling course conducted by GamePlan Marketing and I can confidently say that it exceeded my expectations. From the engaging content to the knowledgeable instructors, every aspect of the course contributed to my valuable learning experience. The course content was relevant to the current social digital environment. The instructors were exceptional in conveying the social selling concepts. I was able to apply what I learned quickly and efficiently. I am thoroughly satisfied with this social selling course. It not only met my expectations but also provided me with a solid foundation to excel in social selling.

Mohan Ariyath