Social Media Management

Maintaining an active social media presence is a great way to build online rapport and build up your brand recognition. Use platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to connect with new leads, stay top of mind with your customers, and point followers back to your company's website.

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Social Media Audit

Companies often start and stop their social media efforts. As a result, they end up with duplicate accounts, unused accounts, lost logins, and lots of wasted time trying to figure out what they need to do next! Save yourself the headache by getting a social media audit.

Activities include:

  • Determining what social media accounts you currently have set up in your company name
  • Determining what social media accounts your audience is using, and what platforms you should be on
  • Breaking down your analytic benchmarks to see how you stand against the competition
  • Advice on how to clean up your accounts so they are concise and attractive, and whether you are due for a styling revamp

Social Media as a Service

Don't have the cycles to maintain active company accounts on social media? We'll take care of it, so you don't have to. Let us know what topics you would like to post about, and we'll make sure your company is regularly posting interesting industry content.

Primary activities include:

  • Develop and schedule the social posts
  • Manage the content calendar
  • Keep an eye on comments and @tags that are directed at your company
  • Revamp your social media accounts if you're due for a design refresh
Social Media Monitoring Guide-min-1

 How to Monitor Social Media in 10 mins a Day 

 Stay on top of your social media game. 

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