January 12, 2022

Executive Door Opener Ideas That Are Kind to the Planet


Reaching out to a tech executive for the first time by sending an Executive Door Opener (EDO) is a creative and highly effective way to deliver your pitch. These impactful, personalized packages give you the opportunity to present your solution to key decision makers in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd of other vendors under consideration. When researching potential vendors today, senior decision makers in the tech industry are not only assessing criteria such as reputation, transparency, and support, they are also considering their “environmental, social and philanthropic efforts” (DemandGen Reports). As you develop an EDO campaign for your target technology audience, consider choices that support your efforts to be environmentally sustainable.

Table of Contents:

01. Work with a Clean List
02. Simplify Your Design
03. Include Technologically Enabled Features
04. Use Recyclable and Compostable Materials and Limit Waste
05. Select Relevant and Reusable Gifts
06. Source Sustainable Gifts
07. Reduce and/or Offset Your Carbon Footprint
08. Give Back

You can be kind to the environment and run a successful Executive Door Opener campaign. The experts at GamePlan Marketing have come up with 8 ways to create an eco-friendly EDO campaign:

  1. Work with a Clean List

Ensure your list of EDO recipients is up to date with current postal addresses and contact information. A clean list will help ensure your EDO is delivered to the intended recipient instead of ending up in someone else’s trash bin. As the objective of your EDO is to have recipients reach out to your sales reps, having an accurate database will also help your sales team conduct proper follow-up and relationship building activities.

  1. Simplify Your Design

Be thoughtful about the design of your EDO to ensure it is as efficient as possible. When developing your messaging, ensure it is succinct with a clear call to action. You can reduce the number of paper contents in your package by skipping extras such as envelopes and business cards. Minimize the size of the box you use and print on both sides of materials to limit your use of paper. While the overall design of your EDO should be efficient, remember that it still needs to get the attention of the recipient and entice them to take action. Adding personalization will also help to create a connection with your audience and increase engagement.

  1. Include Technologically Enabled Features

Adding technology-advanced features such as QR codes can reduce the amount of paper and ink you use for your EDO. QR codes can be used to direct recipients to the landing page where they can fill in their details to connect with a sales representative and receive their “thank you gift”. They can also be used to lead your audience to your website to find more detailed information on your company and products.

  1. Use Recyclable and Compostable Materials and Limit Waste

When selecting the packaging and printing materials for your EDO, consider recyclable and biodegradable options. Use compostable cushioning, tissue paper, cello and paper-based tape. Choose reusable packaging alternatives such as baskets, fabric tote bags, or cloth storage bins. Print on recycled paper and cardboard materials and consider using plant-based printing inks. Include a “please recycle” message on your printed materials and guide recipients on how to dispose of shipping materials with simple instructions. 

  1. Select Relevant and Reusable Gifts

Choosing a teaser gift for your EDO that is relevant and provides real utility will increase the probability that your recipient will use it and want to keep it. Having an interesting theme for your EDO and selecting a gift that connects with your IT decision maker will also make it more meaningful. Avoid cheaper, limited-use items that recipients will end up throwing away. Well-selected, quality goods will stay out of the landfill and be used multiple times. Some examples of useful, reusable teaser gifts for your IT audience include blue light glasses or a multiple port USB charger.

  1. Source Sustainable Gifts

According to a study highlighted in Forbes, gifts that are described as having value attributes such as sustainability, locally made, or gifts that give back “increase the desirability and memorability” of the gift. C-Suite executives were more likely to prefer gifts with added value attributes. A sustainable gift means that it is made from renewable resources, doesn’t directly harm the environment (its production, distribution and/or consumption) and was made in a socially responsible way. There are many products made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and beeswax that would be ideal teaser gifts for your EDO such as bamboo travel cutlery or beeswax food wraps.

  1. Reduce and/or Offset Your Carbon Footprint

By choosing products and materials that are made in Canada and the U.S., or better yet, made locally, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your EDO. Buying local will cut down on the distance your products and materials need to travel to reach you, thereby reducing fuel consumption and air pollution. When it’s time to deliver your EDOs, investigate whether your area offers delivery solutions that have low-carbon emissions, such as bicycle couriers or electric vehicles. You can also include gift options for your EDO that will help offset your carbon footprint, but also provide utility to the user. Some examples include plantable sprout pencils or journals with a seed paper cover.

  1. Give Back

Select a gift for your EDO that gives back to demonstrate your company’s support of environmental causes. Your recipients will appreciate knowing that the item you’re gifting them is helping to make the world a better place. Tentree is an outdoor apparel and accessories company in Canada that helps preserve the environment by planting 10 trees for each product that is purchased. Mala the Brand, a Canadian handcrafted candle company, plants a tree with every purchase through a partnership with Trees for the Future. Another idea is to gift your EDO recipient a donation in their name that supports an environmentally focused charity. Some examples include WWF’s Regenerate Canada that helps to reduce carbon in the atmosphere and fight climate change and The David Suzuki Foundation that works to protect the natural environment and help create a sustainable Canada.

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