April 07, 2020

Avoid Content Decay by Creating ‘Snackable’ Content



You’ve written an amazingly insightful blog post that captures the interest of your audience of B2B technology buyers and you are thrilled! As you happily consider the number of leads your blog has generated, you notice that it doesn’t take long for your prized post to begin its inevitable descent toward content decay, brought on by the constant barrage of newer, fresher posts. It’s frustrating to realize that your content, that you know is still relevant and valuable to your audience, is no longer as easily accessible to them. One strategy that B2B marketers are using to avoid content decay and keep their most popular content front and centre is to repurpose those gems into new ‘snackable’ content pieces.

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What is ‘Snackable’ Content?

Snackable content is defined as content that is “shorter, more-to-the-point and chock full of value.” It could take the form of a short excerpt of text, a video or audio snippet, picture, or graphic. These bite-sized content pieces are easy to consume and can cut through all of the digital noise your audience is served each day. Snackable content’s quick and easy format fits well in this increasingly mobile world where by 2025, almost 75% of Internet users will only access the web via their smartphones. Their condensed length also increases the likelihood that they will be shared with others.

Benefits of Snackable Content to B2B Marketers

As B2B marketers, producing snackable content can help you generate leads and move prospects through the marketing funnel. It can also increase brand awareness and engagement by driving prospects back to your website when they’re ready to find out more about your business. That’s not to say that you should stop creating long form content though -  B2B buyers are sophisticated, technical decision makers and still want to read your insightful, detailed long form content during the consideration and evaluation stage of their purchase decision.

Types of Snackable Content

Identify the best content to condense and repurpose into snackable pieces. It could be your most popular blog post, white paper, eBook, or a summary of your most recent well attended event. It could also be content you have already created that doesn’t go out of date, often called ‘evergreen’ content. ‘Evergreen’ content revolves around a topic that's always relevant to readers, regardless of the current news cycle or season. Types of snackable content include:

  1. Social Graphics
    • Highlight a key image, statistic, fact, or quote.
    • Consider adding audio in the form of a voice over actor. You can also add music to help set a certain mood.
    • Consider using motion graphics to turn it into an animated short snippet video.
    • Social graphics with images, movement, or audio typically experience higher engagement than static graphics.
  2. Infographics
    • Highlight a segment of your selected content and present the information using an infographic.
    • Consider adding motion graphics and/or audio to increase engagement.
    • Infographics require more time and planning to create but are a great way to represent a lot of information in one easy to understand, visual piece.
  3. Short Videos
    • Highlight a segment of your selected content and present the information in video form using motion graphics.
    • Some examples include an explainer video that uses motion graphics to describe your product/service in a clear and succinct way, or a customer testimonial/interview that helps bring the content to life.
    • Break up your selected content into key points and create short snippet videos for each point - similar to a slideshow. Each ‘slide’ could be a piece of snackable content.
    • Videos drive the most reach, and are increasing in popularity with, “one-third of online activity being spent watching videos.”
  4. Short Audio Snippets
    • Break your selected content into key points and create short audio snippets for each point that range from one to two minutes - similar to an episode on a podcast. Each ‘episode’ could be a piece of snackable content.
    • Constantly sharing simple text or video content online can become monotonous, so sharing short audio snippets can be a great alternative.
  5. Messaging for Automated Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Break your selected content into key points and create multiple pieces of snackable content to build an automated email marketing campaign.
    • Automated email marketing campaigns are a great way to increase brand awareness and help nurture your leads to make them more receptive.


Where to Use your Snackable Content

As snackable content is quick and easily digestible, it is ideal for use on your social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as for your display advertising (Google Ads). When your potential buyers are at the top of the marketing funnel, these social media content nuggets will help to increase your brand awareness and increase engagement as your audience comments on or shares your posts. These bite-sized content pieces can also be used to refresh your website.

A collection of snackable content can be used to create the messaging for automated email marketing campaigns typically used to nurture leads. As your buyers move through the middle to the bottom of the marketing funnel, they are looking for and want to find your long form content on your website to help them during their purchase evaluation. Your snackable content can be used to update or refresh your existing newsletters, eBooks, white papers, or case studies.

Creating snackable content by repurposing your existing popular and evergreen content can help you avoid content decay, and maximize your overall marketing strategy and budget.

Want to figure out how to make your content go further? GamePlan Marketing’s team can help you evaluate your best content to repurpose. Reach out to us to find out more!

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