January 22, 2014

10 Things Successful B2B Email Marketers Are Doing Right Now


b2b email marketingEmail marketing can be a very effective way to manage and grow your client list. However, many users can be put off by out of date practices or sales heavy correspondence. If you are considering implementing a new email marketing campaign, or would like to revamp your current campaign(s) to garner a greater response, here are the 10 things successful email marketers are doing right now.

10. Emails have accessible elements: Some of the biggest complaints that often follow an opt-out is the lack of accessible content, contact information or subscribe/unsubscribe accessibility within the body of the email. While it sounds counterintuitive, giving people the opportunity to connect, both in a positive and negative manner allows your readers to feel engaged and respected and not like a faceless address on a data list.

9. Email content is creative: This doesn’t just mean flashy layout and best-use of design. Think outside the content “box” and offer special extras that may not directly relate to the campaign at hand, but will keep your clientele thinking about your work. Humour and humanity go a long way.

8. They aren’t over designing: In most email clients, images can be blocked out unless you have been put on a safe list. Over designing your marketing piece may leave your work unread and trashed. Having images and a good up-down layout are important, but over-design can lead to under performance.

7. They aren’t worried about “the fold”: Research is starting to show that having that good content above the fold isn’t as important as we were once lead to believe. Having your call to action surrounded by the best, most likely to be read content is far more important than where your call to action is. Spend time perfecting your content so that it is at its peak.

6. Content is concise: Gone are the days when we tried to fill a specific template for a “newsletter” or “email marketing piece.” In today’s market, clean, concise content is far more important than a preconceived notion of what readers want in structure. Your client base wants information laid out easily, without fluff and to be able to discard what’s unneeded.

5. They are sending out multiple correspondence: One email just isn’t enough. One email can easily be tossed aside and overlooked. If you send out a series of emails offering your campaign in different ways, you are sure to garner a positive response. A good cycle to remember is: Initial offer ->follow-up ->final reminder of offer (and, if you’re feeling good) ->final email with a “special extension” code.

4. They aren’t afraid to sell less and share more: Shareability is a popular notion online these days, and this idea can be easily integrated into your email marketing. While your main goal is sales/campaign success, having a good balance of “sales” and “story” leaning more towards story creates security for your client base. They feel less talked at and more spoken to.

3. They aren’t afraid to let people go: Having a clear opt-out in your email, something that only requires a click shows good faith on your behalf and creates a feeling of inclusion. Though it sounds counter intuitive, allowing people to leave easily will often give them the desire to stay on and engage more thoughtfully.

2. They don’t use no-reply email addresses: This is a big one that so few businesses seem to have caught on to. Using a no-reply email address means your readership won’t add you to their safe-list/contacts list, which can send your carefully planned campaign right into the junk box. With a real email address, you can also track out-of-office emails and resend when the client has returned.

1. They are optimizing for mobile: More and more people are collecting their emails on mobile devices, whether it be tablet or smartphone. The design, layout and usability of your campaign needs to reflect this directly, otherwise, you will lose readership faster than you can blink. And it’s not just the email that matters. Having a mobile friendly site, landing page or links within your email can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that’s fallen flat. While the underlying principals around email marketing are the same (good design, strong messaging, follow up), how email marketing is delivered and consumed has changed and will change again. Staying on top of trends, both in marketing and the online world will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your email marketing campaigns up to date, clear and read.

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