April 17, 2018

(Re)Discover the Power of Twitter for B2B Tech Companies

4 Ways to get the Best ROI from your MDF

Social media is undeniably here to stay. And while there are some huge players currently winning the game of attention, like LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat, some feel the social pioneers like Facebook and Twitter are slowly losing their lustre. "They're for old people, Gen-Zs are saying."

The fact is that's just not true. Twitter in particular continues to hold great value, especially from a B2B perspective. Here's why:

  1. It's easy: Anyone can write a sentence or two maxing out at 280 characters and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to add a photo. According to twitter photos can improve user engagement by 35% on average.
  2. It's trusted: Second only to Facebook, Twitter is one of the founding fathers of social media. It's had time to work out the kinks and gain user trust.
  3. It's fast: Time is our most precious commodity in today's hectic world. Content is being produced at a ridiculous pace and users simply don't have time to read all day long. Twitter delivers a message that can be read in under three seconds. That's time well spent.

Need proof?

Achieving ROI-Positive Results from Twitter

As easy, trustworthy and quick as Twitter is, the fact remains that having thousands of Twitter followers means absolutely nothing if they’re inactive and disengaged. It can feel like you're talking to a brick wall. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 5 tips to help you increase your Twitter ROI:

5. Interact with your followers!
Twitter is the perfect platform to strike up conversations and build new relationships. Don’t talk AT people. Talk TO people. Talk WITH people. A simple “How’s the weather up there?” can open the door to a meaningful conversation. It’s simple. Talk to the right people about things that matter to them, and you'll see positive results.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Website
More Twitter followers means more traffic to your website (IF you're interacting and tweeting properly, that is). According to a Twitter survey, 54% of users reported that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets (including visiting their website, searching for the brand, or retweeting content).

3. Promote and Offer Value
You have to give before you get. The only way you'll successfully convince someone to buy from you, help you, book an appointment, etc., is to build a relationship of trust and value. When you give, give, give, the natural human response is to want to give back. The more you offer to others, the more likely they'll say yes when you ask of them.

Do not over promote. Do not prematurely sell. Nobody likes to be hit over the head repeatedly with blatantly self-promotional tweets. Remember, users are reading your tweets because you're providing value in an interesting way.

2. Use #Hashtags and @Mentions
Hashtags (#) are like keywords; they allow users to search and find tweets about specific topics. Mentions (@) alert specific Twitter users that they've been mentioned in a tweet.
For example, if you were to Tweet about this article, and were hoping to get our attention, you might Tweet: "Reading an interesting article about #B2Bmarketing; finding some great #Twitter tips from @GamePlanMktg".

Now anyone searching Twitter for the hashtag #B2Bmarketing or #Twitter will see your tweet. Also, the @GamePlanMktg team would receive a notification that you've given them a shout out. You've taken a good first step toward starting a conversation with us.
Twitter says that using a hashtag can drive engagement rates up by 12%. Make sure, however, that you're using hashtags that fit your industry and your brand, otherwise you're just wasting everyone's time. Above all else, keep it simple—one or two hashtags per tweet is enough.

1. Build Relationships, Not Numbers

There are countless ways to utilize Twitter for business. Cut through the noise by providing useful information to targeted followers. Answer questions and address customer service issues quickly and efficiently. Interact on Twitter chats with other thought leaders in your industry.

Now that you're ready to take advantage of Twitter as part of the marketing strategy for your IT business, let's map out some key steps:

  1. Identify -- Who’s your ideal customer? Where are they on Twitter? How do you find them?
  2. Communicate -- Share valuable information. Talk TO people, not AT them.
  3. Build -- Continue to grow your audience, make new connections, and engage with your audience on a regular basis)

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